welcome to my music page


i'm going to try and add a song everyday! maybe write something about how much i like the song
or just some lyrics i like, or maybe even the performance! music means a lot to me so i'd love to share c:

this is my favorite song of all time, i listen to this all the time for about two years now. it's just such
a beautiful song. i only share this song with people i truly love, so if you're seeing this i love you.

and in my dreams i was a child,
flowers in my mouth and in my eyes.
and i was floating through the colors of the sky,
up to the stars and angels.

i'm not exactly sure why but i share such a sentimental attachment to these lyrics. i feel if i were to die
these would be the words playing in my head. i'd want this song to play at both my wedding and funeral haha.
it's just such a versatile song, i listen to it when i'm sad and happy, the lyrics just completely interchange
within your head depending on your feelings, like a kuleshov effect! maybe i just like the song so
much i'm giving it so much credit. i just love this song so so much